Meet Caitlin

Hello there! Thanks for stopping by. I’m Caitlin and I’m a Novacastrian photographer, a traveller, a mother and a wifey. Photos are such a huge part of my life. I am obsessed with capturing memories in the lives of my family, my daughter, husband, friends and the lovely couples I meet along the way. I get so much joy from reflecting on happy moments, just ask my husband…. I drive him nuts over it.

I’ve always loved taking photos, but things got serious when my Dad bought me a disposable camera for my year four camp 😉

I have always had the instinct of preserving memories. I am constantly looking for the magic and the beauty in life.

I studied professional Photographic Techniques at The Hunter Regional School Of Photography and became a full time photographer in 2013. Since then, I have been on many wonderful adventures with my work…I feel so lucky!

I love maths, but have forgotten everything I learnt about it at high school.
I am a dog person.
I have a gorgeous little daughter, Evie and I have a million photos of her.
I love the beach, but am a total wimp when it comes to cold water.
I LOVE musical theatre.
My husband is a VERY patient man.
I was once an actor.
I’m terrible at craft and crosswords.
I read trash mags, but only at the doctors.
I am known for stealing my husband’s Easter chocolate.
CHEESE…. I love it.
I LOVE living in Newcastle.
I’m into snow sports.
I’m really bad at trivia.
I have broken 6 bones.
I am a messy cook.
Holiday of choice is camping.
I love flowers in our house and colourful things make me happy.

Behind The Lens.......

I like to keep things fun and easy going. My job is to help you feel comfortable and free to be yourselves. This usually involves a chat, a few laughs and a good time. I'm not into posey photos. It's more about taking an honest snap shot of your lives.

Thanks for taking a peak at my work.  I would LOVE to help you.