We’ve all been to weddings, parties or events where people don’t know each other and everything feels a little awkward. In these situations the Curly Booth really helps to get the party started. People make new friends and even the grandparents get involved. It brings people together.
The Curly Booth is different from other photo booths. Many other booths are so small that you can only fit one or two people inside the booth followed by two printed strips. We give you a full gallery of images to print yourself or share as you wish. The absence of printed strips frees up the booth and allows things to get a little more wild and carefree. Our booth is an open design, meaning that many more people can fit in the shot. People can see their silliness on the screen and trigger the photo to be taken with a remote control.

The gallery is so shareable, you can send the link to anyone you like.

Prices are quoted based on location and start at $550.