It is helpful to experiment with different photography exercises as you learn how to take better photos. A good photography exercise is similar to fitness. It can refresh and strengthen your skills.

These photography exercises are great for budding photographers and professionals alike. This list contains a variety of creative ideas that can help anyone overcome a creative block or learn a new technique.

Learn to Photograph – Learning Exercises

Take photos of things you have never done before to spark your creativity. To challenge your imagination, do the opposite of what is usual. These exercises can help you get out of your comfort zone and come up with new ideas for photoshoots. Here are 17 creative activities for both beginners and professionals.

Take a photo every week for a year.

Join a 52-week Project if you’re looking to improve in different areas. This Project will send you new photography exercises every week for an entire year. Others join groups, while some photographers create their themes.

Every week, our 52-Week Project provides you with challenges, videos, and tips. You will also have access to a supportive online community where you can share your work and meet new people.

Limit your shooting to 5 minutes.

It is important to work in limited circumstances. This will help you develop your creativity. Set a 5-minute timer and take as many photos as possible.

Do not rush. Even during a five-minute photo shoot, you can learn to be aware of your surroundings. This exercise in photography is great for grounding and learning to stay calm when you are in a fast-paced environment.

Take Minimalistic Pictures with Negative Space

It would help if you always considered the surroundings of your subject when taking photos indoors or outdoors. You may end up with cluttered images if you use fewer colors, shapes, or issues in your photo.

This photography exercise is for you if you need help with this. Minimalism eliminates all the unnecessary elements from a scene. It can help you to focus on the things that are important to you.

Start by using simple backgrounds. Use creative angles if you cannot control the environment. This will help to isolate your subject. You can do this by shooting at a low grade or using another perspective.

Use manual mode to take abstract photos.

The “perfect” settings on your camera are not always the best. There are many things we can learn about abstract photography from those who go against the norm and see the world in a new way.

By experimenting with the settings of your camera, you can learn to think like a photographer who is interested in abstract photography. To have complete control over the settings of your camera and to experiment with different techniques, use manual mode.

Create a Self-Portrait in the Indoors

You can greatly benefit from creative exercises inside. Making the most of indoor lighting can make outdoor photoshoots much easier. This can be a good place to begin, especially for beginners.

It may seem daunting, but self-portraiture can be fun and simple if approached correctly. Focus on creativity instead of perfection. With the use of simple backgrounds and everyday objects, you can create great pictures of yourself.

Join our Indoor Self-Portrait Photographer Course if you’re looking to improve your skills. This course will show you how to create stunning indoor self-portraits without having to spend a lot on props or lighting.

Try something new in post-production.

This is a great exercise for anyone looking to break out of a creative slump. You can alter your workflow if you love your photoshoots but hate the editing process.

Using different editing software today allows photographers to explore new possibilities. Use tools you’re not used to and step out of your comfort zone. Try to simplify your photo retouching process if you are used to heavy retouching. Try different presets if you use them often. Try experimenting with warmer or cooler tones.

You can always ask someone else to edit your photo if you’re stuck. You can get ideas from someone else’s style on how to improve your image. You can upload your pictures to our Editing Friday forum. Please join us!

Treat Your Digital Camera like a Film Camera

Film cameras have a lot of limitations. To take good photos, you’re restricted to a certain number of pictures and your knowledge of photography. In this fast-paced and modern photography industry, we can learn a lot from film photography.

Take photos without using Live Mode. Imagine you can only review your pictures once they are uploaded to your computer. Try to slow down and understand how your camera functions.

This can improve your creativity and pre-visualization. You’ll have to use your imagination to make the best of the situation in front of you rather than analyzing each photo after you take it.

Take Black and white Street Portraits.

This street portrait challenge will improve your street photography skills and help you overcome the fear that you might be rejected. Take black-and-white photos of the street for this exercise.

You can either shoot in B&W or convert color photos into B&W after the fact. Look at the world with a B&W lens. You can see the world in a new light without color.

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